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Students are advised to Log-in at given link below (Yayasan Sarawak Webpage) by fill in your profile:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Sarawakian
  • Foundation student of Curtin Malaysia
  • Full-time enrolled Diploma and Undergraduate (It is requested by Yayasan that all student must apply the National Loan (PTPTN) first before application to Yayasan Sarawak.
  • Provide a copy of PTPTN loan agreement (only for Diploma and Degree applicant)
  • Must obtain a Credit for Bahasa Malaysia in SPM (Compulsory as advised by Yayasan Sarawak Office)

Amount Of Award & Duration
Depending on Yayasan Sarawak

Forms Availability / Address

    1. Once done register online, kindly submit the Supporting Documents together with the application form to the address below:
      Loans and Scholarship Office,
      Student Service Department,
      Curtin University, Malaysia
      CDT 250, 98009, Miri, Sarawak.
    2. Yayasan Sarawak Loan CHECKLIST

Offer / Closing Date / Other Remarks

      • Closing Date: On – going
      • Please be informed that payment will be deposit directly to the student’s account.
      • Please check your bank account to ensure that the fund has been bank-in.
      • Student will be informed once Loans & Scholarships Office received the YS Loan Agreement.

For further details you may liaise with the officer in charge:

Puan Dacy ak Minos
Yayasan Sarawak
Pusat Pembangunan Pendidikan Yayasan Sarawak
Lot 4784, Blok 14, Salak Land District
Jalan Sultan Tengah Semariang
93050 Kuching, Sarawak.