Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) Education Fund

Eligibility Criteria

Those who are eligible for the loans include the following:-

  • Dependent children of an employee receiving Invalidity Pension or periodic permanent disablement who are below 21 years of age and unmarried at the time of the application OR
  • Dependent children of an insured person who has died as a result of an employment injury or while receiving invalidity pension or before reaching the age of 55 and who fulfills the contribution qualifying conditions. They should be below 21 years of age and unmarried OR
  • Dependent Children who are above 21 years of age, receiving a monthly benefit and is already studying in an institution of higher learning and unmarried at the time of application OR
  • Dependent Children who have been offered a place and have registered in any university or college or Local Institution of Higher Learning including institution that has a twinning programme on condition the degree is completed locally. The institutions must also be registered with the Ministry of Education, to acquire a degree, diploma or a certificate which is awarded by the National Vocational Training Council, Ministry of Human Resources OR
  • Dependent Children who have not been given any other scholarship or loan by any other organizations OR
  • Dependent Children whose families’ finances are insufficient to support the cost of the education
  • Please refer to the website for more information –

Amount Of Award & Duration

The amount of the loan depends on the course undertaken and includes the cost of living and other expenditure as determined by SOCSO.
The actual amount of the loan includes the following:

  • Course fees
  • Other expenses which will be determined from time to time are:
    » Subsistence allowance
    » Flight cost
    » Books
    » Instruments
    » Expenditure for preparation of a thesis
    » Practical/training costs

Forms Availability / Address

    • By filling in the Borang “PERMOHONAN PINJAMAN PENDIDIKAN PERKESO” which is available at the SOCSO Local Office.For further information, please contact the respective body directly:

      The Social Security Organisation (SOCSO)
      SOCSO Tower
      Lot 281, Jalan Ampang
      50538 Kuala Lumpur
      General Line: 03-4253 5320
      Call Centre: 03-4257 5755

Offer / Closing Date / Other Remarks

No specific datelines mentioned.