Curtin Malaysia 20th Anniversary Scholarships

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 Courses Offered:

 Faculty of Business

  • Foundation in Commerce JPT/BPP(N/010/3/0343) 04/20

Faculty of Engineering and Science

  • Foundation in Engineering and Science JPT/BPP(R/010/3/0344) 04/20
  • Engineering Stream
  • Science Stream

Bachelor of Computing JPT/BPP(N/481/6/0805) 5/23

  • Cyber Security
  • Software Engineering

Bachelor of Science

  • Construction Management JPT/BPP(N/481/6/0805) 05/23

Faculty of Humanities

  • Foundation in Arts (Media) JPT/BPP(N/010/3/0426) 09/21


Terms & Conditions

  • Malaysian and completed studies in selected schools from Miri region only.
  • Candidates presently not holding any scholarships
  • Candidates must apply using actual result. All required documents should be attached with application form
  • Offered to pursue Foundation or Undergraduate program at Curtin Malaysia (Letter of Offer)
  • Successful Foundation recipients must continue their studies with Curtin Malaysia for at least another year
  • Successful Degree recipients must complete first 2 years of studies at Curtin Malaysia
  • All recipients to conform to the rules and policies (including disciplinary provisions) of the university.


Qualification Criteria:

SPM Qualification


Requirements Value of Scholarship
8As or more 100%
6A – 7As 50%
STPM Qualification

*Not inclusive of Pengajian Am


Requirements Value of Scholarship
2As 100%
1As 50%
O-Level Qualification



Requirements Value of Scholarship
7As or more 100%
5A – 6As 50%
A-Level Qualification

*Not inclusive of General Paper

Requirements Value of Scholarship
3As or more 100%
2As 50%
UEC Qualification Requirements Value of Scholarship
6As or more 100%
4As – 5As 50%


Document required for submission:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of Students’ Identification Card
  • Copy of Actual Official Result


  • Foundation: 29 March 2019 and 13 September 2019
  • Degree: 1 March 2019 and 16 August 2019


For enquiries, please email

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